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라미네이팅 폭 300, 600mm 두가지 모델이 있으며, 에어 실린더를 적용하여

항상 일정한 롤러 사이의 갭(gap)과 압력을 유지하여, 향상된 라미네이터 성능을 유지합니다.

    롤러의 갭은 마이크론 단위로 세팅할 수 있습니다.

    정확도는 +- 5um입니다.minator ( 라미네이터)  JSL-1200, 2400 ,   JSL-1200N, 2400N, 4000N(공압조절 타

  입프로그램 및 Hardware

  • Exclusive pre-set temperature and speed setting programs for a variety of applications
  • just by Pressing a button on the digital display panel.

  • Adjustable override controls for both temperature and speed to compensate for variations in material or conditions.
  • Heater roller and pressure roller construction in silicon rubber allows roller gap adjustment ensuring correct pressure for panels up to 5 mm thick.
  • Function button displays actual roller temperature in Centigrade during operation.
  • Warm-up time only 5 minutes due to the Infrared heater design which gives better heat distribution and control upto 150°C.
  • Ready and Wait visual and audible signals alert operator to laminator readiness thus reducing errors.
  • 8 Bit microprocessor digital heat controller permits precise setting and guarantees fast response times.
  • Reverse function button allows easy film clear from the machine.
  • A roll of back up paper is included ( in case of single sided laminator)








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