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필름 라미네이터

A 300mm(12", 모델 JSL-1200), 600mm(24", 모델 JSL-2400) dry film photoresist ( DFR ) roll laminator for simple and effective laminating of rolls of Dry Film Photoresist to various substrates. The units are particularly useful for both printed circuit board production and the lamination of dry film to brass, glass, Si-wafer, steel etc for metal etching applications. One or double side of the substrate is laminated. The machines use accurate controlled temperature and feed and automatically remove the polyofin separator sheet of the dry film.

  프로그램 및 Hardware

  • Exclusive pre-set temperature and speed setting programs for a variety of applications
  • just by Pressing a button on the digital display panel.

  • Adjustable override controls for both temperature and speed to compensate for variations in material or conditions.
  • Heater roller and pressure roller construction in silicon rubber allows roller gap adjustment ensuring correct pressure for panels up to 5 mm thick.
  • Function button displays actual roller temperature in Centigrade during operation.
  • Warm-up time only 5 minutes due to the Infrared heater design which gives better heat distribution and control upto 150°C.
  • Ready and Wait visual and audible signals alert operator to laminator readiness thus reducing errors.
  • 8 Bit microprocessor digital heat controller permits precise setting and guarantees fast response times.
  • Reverse function button allows easy film clear from the machine.
  • A roll of back up paper is included ( in case of single sided laminator









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