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습식 스핀 에처


 Spin Etchers, LSE-200 (8 inch wafer)

                       LSE-300(12 inch wafer)


    실리콘 웨이퍼의 스트레스완화, 폴리머 제거, 산화막식각(etching), 결합/금 범프(bump)같은 전후면 공정을 위해 비접촉 웨이퍼 홀더를 제공합니다.






Single wafer process, 6~12inch

Manual loading and unloading system

Acid-resistant materials and structure

Chemical recycle

Non contact wafer chuck

Etch uniformity:   + - 3%

2 chemicals, DIW rinse and N2 dry

Temperature control for chemicals

Chemical flow control

Spray swing arm movement




    1500Wx1000Dx1900H mm (LSE-200)







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